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Liquidity Providers that deposit both assets of a pair are rewarded with swapfees


Boost your earnings by becoming a Liquidity Provider. Deposit assets in a pair and enjoy a share of the swap fees.


ALB tokens are rewarded to Liquidity providers who stake their Liquidity Pool Tokens.


Dive into our farming program and harvest ALB rewards. By staking your Liquidity Pool Tokens, you not only support the ecosystem but also earn ALB tokens.



Unlock the power of staking with ALB. Receive genuine yield in ETH from Area51, our exclusive DEX for the fearless, along with ALB rewards. Plus, enjoy exclusive airdrops from projects making their debut on Area51.


Dual Farm Rewards

Maximize your gains with our Double Rewards program. When you stake your LP tokens in our farms, you're eligible to earn rewards in multiple tokens, thanks to our collaborations with partner projects.

Earn up to ...% on your crypto

50% of all fees are shared with liquidity providers. You make money while you sleep. It's how we aliens usually do.



Effortlessly launch your unique ERC-20 token on Base with our intuitive token generator. No need for complex smart contract coding—simply input your token's details and let our platform do the heavy lifting.

Meet ALB Token on AlienBase

Meet Alb

the utility token for Alien Base

You can stake ALB with ...% APR and receive exclusive airdrops from Area51

ALB Tokenomics
  • $...


  • ...

    Circulating supply

  • 510M

    Max supply

  • ...

    Market capitalization

  • ...

    Total supply

  • 10.5/sec

    Current emmission

You can stake ALB with ...% APR and receive exclusive airdrops from Area51

ALB Tokenomics


We landed on Earth, but we're going to the Moon

We landed on Earth, but we're going to the Moon

Our Landing

Area 51

Perpetual Futures

Project Nebula

We joined the earthly beings on 9 Aug 2023 with the best platform on Base Chain. We released cool features like Yield Farming, Single Staking and StableSwap , but this was just the beginning

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We are blending in

Developing the Base Chain ecosystem is our priority. Meet our early stage partners.

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